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Inside the Comic, Almost Five Years Ago: Skye Origins, #11

skye origins complete page 11



Dear Skye,

If you google, “volunteering for breast cancer” (or volunteering for any cause, really), consider making sure it’s actually useful volunteering to help patients, not commercialized “let’s raise awareness by not wearing bras” bullcrap. And when you donate, check where the money goes–does it help pay for medical care for patients with no money, or for lower costs for genetic testing, or for researching a cure for (almost universally-deadly) Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

Or does it go to helping the Susan G. Komen Foundation sue other breast cancer non-profits over copyright so SGK can increase their bottom line, or to non-breast-cancer related organizations like Planned Parenthood that don’t provide mammograms?

It’s not about making us feel good about ourselves. It’s about actually helping people and getting this stuff done.


Some voice in your head

↓ Transcript
Skye sits in his room, googling breast cancer organizations and trying to find a way a thirteen year old can actually help with the "scourge" Dr. Peyton wanted to eliminate. He's planning a gym class fundraiser, and asking parents to donate as kids play, and he's trying to find a worthy breast cancer organization to donate to. His computer screen shows volunteering information from "Casting for the Cure" (a fishing organization to assist breast cancer survivors in stress relief) and abcdbreastcancersupport.org, with tips on how to help the friends and family of breast cancer victims.

He's getting ready to text Robotman, in his phone as "Carlos my mentor."

Robotman, O.S. (caption, as he continues his dialogue from the previous page): You're a problem, kid. You're selfish, naive, and sure you almost got your friend killed--but the city's safer tonight because of you. That instinct you got, to get involved, to run towards danger--'mano, either we harness that to save lives, or it's gonna take yours.
Skye: Guess I'll see you tomorrow then.
Robotman: Sure thing, papi.

There's a "Get Well Soon" note to Mark on Skye's desk, detailing his plans to rope Mark into his newest endeavor, but this time...it's to help people.