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Inside the Comic, Almost Five Years Ago: Skye Origins, #2

skye origins complete second page

Sorry for the art on this one. I did it a year ago and it sucked. It gets better again, I promise.

↓ Transcript
Some years later, Skye as an early teen

Panel 1—
Establishing shot, distance. Skye and Mark climbing fence through water treatment plant.
CAPTION: Five years later, five years ago.
SKYE: I'm just saying, people deserve the truth.
MARK: And I think people already know the truth, Skye. There aren't any alligators in the water treatment plant!
SKYE: Well, someone should make sure.

Panel 2
Close up, over Mark and Skye's shoulders as they're creeping past the reservoir.
SKYE: Anyhow, if you didn't believe me, you wouldn't be here.
MARK: I'm here to call the ambulance if you do something stupid, that's why I'm here.
SKYE: Come on, Mark, I'm a martial artist, I can take care of myself.
MARK: Says the guy who's getting a C in ninth-grade gym.
SKYE: That's 'cuz it's boring. Wait, hold up--
In the background, very small, we see Doctor Peyton, dumping things in the water.

Panel 3
Close up, from perspective of Doctor. Doctor is leaning over the water, dumping things in. He sees Mark and Skye at a distance and flips out. We see his gun lying besides him.

Skye: --do water treatment plant workers usually carry guns? And work in the middle of the night?

Panel 5
Mark and Skye whirl to escape.
Mark (off-screen): No, they don't! Run!

Panel 6
Big distance shot of Skye and Mark running around a bend in the reservoir as the doctor fires and Mark cries out. This shot shows the bunch of trees and bushes around the bend—lots of good hiding places.

Panel 7
Close-up. Skye hiding with Mark inside a hollow tree, one hand over Mark's mouth, other hand on his cell-phone, Mark's gripping his bleeding leg and holding Skye's ripped shirt over it. We see doctor's upper body on the other side of the bush as he stands, looking around. There are lots of other trees and bushes nearby, so it's not obvious where they're hiding.

Skye's phone's dialing 911.