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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #14

Back to Skye…

skye with mark in the background new skye comic number 14

From Mark’s POV.

I am the shadow. I am the coming night you fear in the setting sun. I am–

“It’s just us, man. You don’t have to hide,” Skye says.

Yeah. He tends to interrupt my internal monologue, which is probably a good thing. Still hate it when he does it.

“I’m not hiding,” I say, crossing the distance between us on the roof. “Just wanted to let you know that I know who told Fermi how to find your hide-out this morning.”

He bites his lip. Got him.

“Do you,” he says.

“I do.”

He tenses, and there’s a flicker in his face, like he’s wondering if this is going to be our first fight since we were kids. He left that one with a bloody nose. A smile creeps under my mask.

“But don’t worry,” I say. “I also know why.”

So then it’s all good. He nods and relaxes, and then we’re sitting on the edge of the roof, just sharing a bag of dried apple chips and taking in the sunset, almost like back before we started this superhero thing. I’d prefer it if we don’t talk, but he always wants to: “You free after school tomorrow?”

I smirk. “No.”

He leans back and rolls his eyes with a half-smile. “Aaare you free after school tomorrow if it’s just you and me?”


He drops the goofy act he’s put on since starting high school and stares me right in the eye. I appreciate that, but not the question: “What do you have against her? For real.”


“You mean, nothing more than you have against the rest of the human race.”

He makes me smile. He’s almost the only one to do that. “It’s almost like you know me.”

“Yup. Almost like we’ve been neighbors for ten years.” He grins over a strained sigh as he rises to his feet, and we start climbing back down the building.

“Eleven, actually,” I say.

“Dang. I just can’t get rid of you, I guess.”

“Well, it looks like you’re about to.” I point to the alarm flickering on Skye’s belt. “Your home’s under attack again.”

“Oh shoot!”

“You should stop silencing that.”

He begins to climb faster down the brick, almost stumbling in his haste. “Are you coming?”

I shake my head. “I’m a consultant only, remember? I don’t do housekeeping. And I’m especially not cleaning up after your invited mess.”

“Agh, fine, bye!” With that he leaps off the side of the building into the air to skate off towards the warehouse with lightning flashing behind him.

He’ll be alright. I know who he summoned this time.

I’ve still got to find the traitor on his team.