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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #18

new skye comic traitor number 18

There’s a lovely b&w copy for you to have over at my blog. It’s much prettier. Feel free to snoop around while you’re there!

↓ Transcript
Robotman: “You're going the wrong way, you know.”
Jun: “I know.” (new bubble) “I get lost when I get stressed. Skye--”
Robotman: “Jun, I love you hermana, but you can't lie for crap. I know Skye never bothers you.”
Jun: “...” “Yeah, you got me there. It's...something...I'm holding in.”
Robotman: “Triggered by the Fermi attack? Don't nobody like bugs crawling through every crack, I know.”
Jun: “I could feel their legs on me all week.”
Robotman: “...” “Here. Let me turn us around. I'll drop you off at your orphanage on the way.”
Jun: “*sigh* Okay.”