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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #20

new skye comic 20

↓ Transcript
Team Phone Logs, 07Aug2016 1920hrs

Robotman: Hey Butterfly?
BB: Always!
Robotman: Yeah, I dropped off Zinfandel at the police station. Listen, I been looking through that list you texted me. Where'd you get those names?
BB: Carl, you know I have more confidential informants than shoes, and--
Robotman: --and you have a lot of shoes, I know, so it's hard to remember which one. I'm just curious, 'cuz a lot of these 'missing persons' were minor league villains who attacked us at home this last month. They shouldn't be missing--as far as we know they're all in jail.
BB: They couldn't have disappeared from prison? Escaped?
Robotman: Fermi's on this list, and we just locked her up. You sure your informant's not just putting you on?
BB: No, I'm certain something's up.
Robotman: Aiight, then. I'll follow up with city records, I guess.
BB: I'm on my way to the county penitentiary. I wanted to talk to Fermi anyway--I keep hearing these Scythes pop up.
Robotman: Yeah...yeah, on second thought, that is weird. You're right, we should get vigilant. I'll call--hey BB? What was that noise?
*Muffled grunts*
Robotman: Butterfly?!
Robotman: Asia! Asia, are you okay?
*rustling* *heavy breathing* *static*

Call ends.