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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #22

Meanwhile, Butterfly…

Butterfly saving her thief boyfriend.


Hey look, I’m updating on a Tuesday. 0_0 And may even have a comic on time for you on Friday.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Butterfly, sailing through the night sky with her black wings unfurled.
Butterfly: "Hey Simon? Simon, I talked to Robotman about--Simon?"

Panel 2
Butterfly flies above Simon's street to see him kidnapped outside his parents' home. Clouds overshadow the tall buildings as the moon glints off a large truck--into which two men are shoving Simon.
Butterfly: *gasp* Simon!

Panel 3
The truck vrooooms away as Butterfly gives chase, her arms extended in front of her like Superman as she flies low over the road behind the vehicle.

Panel 4
Butterfly flings open the truck's back door--she's surprisingly strong--to find Simon waiting inside, bound in the corner.

Panel 5
Seeing Panel 4 through a window/camera, someone in the cab of the truck pushes two buttons, one marked "gas" and one marked "double doors."
Someone: "We've got a hitchhiker! Sleeper gas and lock up, now!"

Panel 6
Butterfly: "Watch out!"
Butterfly shoves Simon out of the way of the gas pipe, exposing herself to the fumes as he falls out the truck onto the road--and the double doors begin to close.