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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #28


↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Jun and Carl sit amidst the wreckage of the Guardians' warehouse hideout.
Jun: Carl...can I tell you a secret?
Carlos: You know you can.
Jun: You know, like, your MS?

Panel 2
Jun: Is there a cure for that?
Carlos: Not one that works for me, no. Muchacha, that's why I built the suit! To make my body obey my mind when it's too weak. I'm still taking all kinds of meds, to try to stop my immune system from killing my nerves. But they're not helping, and every now and then I'll go blind, or my arm and a leg will give out...I couldn't accept that. So when that happens, my suit moves my body for me. It's a full-body prostethetic.
Carl (quieter): It's a temporary solution that won't stop the disease.

Panel 3: Image of a cell, with two X chromosomes, one undergoing some kind of transcription/translation deal and the other bound to a membrane.
Jun: I, um...
Carl: You get diagnosed with something recently?
Jun: Not...recently. Um. You know what's a Barr Body?
Carl: No.
Jun: It's like--you know how girls have two X chromosomes, and guys have one? Our bodies choose to use one X and turn off the other, all sticking it to some membrane and stuff.
Image of a melting, half-formed person.
Jun: The X we turn off is the Barr Body.
Carl: The reject X?
Jun: I guess. Um...my body has trouble deciding which one to use. It means I get all kinds of enzyme problems, signals all fighting each other, and I'm always nauseous and...stuff.
Image of a younger Jun/July, vomiting weird brown fluid into a toilet.
Jun (lowered voice): And...I may...turn into someone else, if my Barr body switches.

Panel 4: Carlos drapes his arm comfortingly over Jun's shoulders.
Carl: The "someone else" would be like, genetically your sister, right? X from the other parent? That's kinda cool, you're your own sister. Hey, thanks for telling me this, mama. If you ever need a break cuz you're feelin' vomity, or help getting to a specialist, or someone to transform around, I'm here for you, okay? You don't have to hide your other self.
Jun smiles.

Panel 5:
Carl: Oh, hold on, just got an emergency text from Mark.
Jun panics.