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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #29


↓ Transcript
Panel 1: Robotman glares, thin-lipped, disappointed, sad, and dangerous, at Jun.

Panel 2: Jun's terrified and sorry--but her expressions and turmoil disappear under a cloud of blood and flesh as she morphs into the calm, collected form of July.

Panel 3: July draws two pistols; Robotman's arm becomes a cannon as they face off across the lot. Skye is running towards them, bleeding.
Robotman: Jun, Stop. We can talk. Let me hear your side of this.
July: What's to hear?

Panel 4: View of July from below.
July: No matter what I say, or how this turns out, you'll always wonder if I only confessed because you caught me...if I've got something else up my sleeve. You'll wonder if I ever really had mitigating circumstances, if maybe I enjoyed destroying Butterfly, and Mark. I choose this instead. I choose for you to remember Jun as your friend. And me?

I'm July, and I'm going to kick your ass.

Panel 5: Skye charges up sparks.
Robotman: Hey Skye. Go back to the hospital.
Skye: Yeah. I got Mark's message. It cuts off. Yo, Jun, where are they?
July: Well hi there, helper!

Panel 6: July flips over, firing both guns under her head as she cartwheels. Robotman fires a nonlethal shock at her, dodging backwards; Skye shoots full-on lightning.
July: You're so perfect, Skye. Inviting all those villains to the hide-out, for me to collect? Destroying the Guardian lair, right when I needed the cover? We're all traitors, really--Robotman, did you know Butterfly is dating a THIEF?
Robotman: Yes, thank-you, you've said that several times...and Skye?
Skye: Uh, yeah, so, Zeus...
Robotman: You're done, Skye.
Skye: Uh...

Panel 7: Robotman roars and flames leap up behind him.
Robotman: I said you're DONE! You're off the team! Go home!

Panel 8: Skye's face drops, wreathed in blue.