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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #3

New Skye Comic Page 3

↓ Transcript
Page 3
Panel 1
Establishing shot from the door. There's a hose in the background. All hero's heads turn towards 4th wall. A shadow falls over the floor.

Skye's still talking... “So like, Mark evaporated or whatever, I guess...”

The shadow's owner towers over the Guardians. She's barefoot, in a tank-top. She is Fermi.

FERMI snarls: The Guardians.

Skye... “Quite possibly right when we needed him...”

Fermi: “The Guardians of a rot, of a corrupt justice system. I've found the little hole you scurry into, and now I'm here to crush you.”

Panel 3-4
Jun: “For real? What's your superpower?”
Fermi: “Nature's worst: beware my formication!”
Skye: “Fornication? I think we have the same superpower.”
Natasha: “That's not a superpower. It has to be difficult to be a superpower.”
Jun: “Hey, it's not so easy for everybody...”
Natasha: “Now holding back, that's a superpower.”
Jun: “Oh come on, you're destroying the joke.”
Natasha: “I'm just saying--”
Skye and Jun: “Nope. Joke ruined.”
Robot-man: “Guys. Please. Evil bad guy making threats here.”
Black Butterfly: “Well hold on. Let's not stereotype here. Maybe they're not threats. Maybe she means to crush us in debate, or in tennis. Or in cooperative playtime.”

Panel 5-7
Close-up of Fermi's eyes: “I'm
Close-up of Fermi's fists, as creatures begin to crawl down her sleeves: “Not
Surge of bugs: “Playing.”