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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #34

Ugh, I’ve been working on this one for SO LONG. I’m so sorry. It was kind of hard to figure out how to put the audio inside the comic like this, which was important, because this particular character has a kind of meta-power: he knows he’s in a comic. Many thanks to Luso Matiti for playing the character. He’s a cool dude!

Also, it’s been winter and such. Sorry. I hope this is okay. I feel crappy about it, but hopefully it turned out at least pretty unique.

Also, YAY! Who uses lightning…

↓ Transcript
Panel One
Jun/July, mid-transform, roars across the panel.

Just outside Panel 2
July yells, bending forward, stretching her face into--

Panel Two,
where she continues scolding a bound Butterfly. Behind Butterfly, a thug's just finished beating Mark senseless. Robotman's bound next to Butterfly, stripped of his armor and chained to a wheelchair.
Jun: "Stop trying to escape! Look what you've done to Mark! You want Skye captured, too? You're ruining everything!"
A cloaked figure enters.

Between Panel 2 and 3
Cloaked figure: "And that is why you must kill them now."

Inside the comic, but also between panels
July: "Robotman's Multiple Sclerosis may have triggered a genius gene. You need to study him now. That was the deal."
Robotman wheels himself quietly behind a guard and manages to clench his fist around a piece of his stolen armored suit.
Cloaked Figure: "There's no such thing. Finish it."

Panel 3
In Mark's eye, Robotman's reflection cuts one arm free, beginning to suit up as the guards scramble and scream around him. They'd forgotten the "cripple."
Mark chuckles.

Panel 4
Robotman bursts free and begins to fire on his enemies. July returns fire--only to have lightning strike from the side.
July: "What the--"