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Inside the Comic, Four Years Ago: Traitor, #7

New Skye Comic 7

↓ Transcript
Skye: So, uh, you wanna go get ice cream?
Natasha: Shouldn't we help clean up or something? There's like, bug crap everywhere.
Skye: BB will take care of that. It's one of her superpowers.
BB (outside of frame): No it isn't! Skye--Skye! Robotman says you have to help clean up!

Panel 2
Skye and Natasha in same positions as Panel 1, but with mops and brooms now. Skye's face is deeply unhappy.

Panel 3
Skye runs away from the broom, screaming "For Freedom!"

Panel 4
Skye is gone, and Natasha is left holding the broom with a facepalm hand over her face as dialogue comes from off-screen.
BB: Skye, get back over there and help clean up!
Skye: You will never stand between me and my true love of frozen treats, heartless villain!
BB: Skye, you rascal, I will kick your--hey! Ah stop hee hee hee squeee
Skye: The power of tickles compels you to let me have my ice cream, witch!
BB: Natasha, help, help! By the bond of feminist sisterhood, help me ah hee hee hee
Skye: Feminism won't save you now!
Natasha: siiiiiiiigh