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Author Kill Comic Intro Page 1 dark borders

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Jace sits on the edge of a hotel room bed, elbows on his knees.
Jace: I'm babysitting a serial killer. That's what he is—he picks targets with the same occupation, and kills them. In series. Serial killer. Wow. Look at yourself, Jace. You're a smart guy. Straight As, never into drugs or alcohol or anything like that—they make fun of you for being so straight-laced.

Panel 2
Jace: What line of events culminated in you playing best friend to a murderer?
View over Jace's shoulder down to the newspaper lying on the bed beside him.
Headline: Comic Book Writer Greg Amadeus Murdered

Panel 3
Faded panel representing the past where Jace hangs out over video games with a ripped Asian-American dude whose face we can't quite see. The TV screen shows a rainbow-road/F-0-esque racing game.
Jace: The scary thing is that I'm not playing.