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Author Kill Comic Intro Page 2

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Jace's eyes, faded in thought.
Jace (Voice Over): Maybe I'll stop him. Maybe I'll help him. Maybe I'll run home to my Dad and my comic books and forget any of this is real.

Panel 2
Vibrant colors, contrasting with Jace's fuzzy images, pop out of the comic book pages piled atop each other. There are silhouettes of suffering, all punctuated with faceless images of the same, shadowed character in blue, the superhero Skye.
Jace (V.O.): Comic books are safe because no matter how ridiculous they get, you can always close the cover.
Even when it's a bad comic book,
when they drag on a story into deeper and deeper random and trope-filled torments just to make the hero seem edgy,
kill his family,
destroy his friendships,
turn the women into plot-points and the villains into superstars--
ultimately what they do to a comic book hero doesn't matter.