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Therapy for Superheroes, p26 (A prequel to the #comics character who shoots his author. #becominghero)

Updates Saturdays. Artist Nathan Ssagala.

(An informal webcomic in the world of BECOMING HERO, the novel about a comic book character who shoots his author, and the comic book reader who may have to stop him. Great meta superhero fiction for fans of Deadpool, Animal Man, Last Action Hero, Stranger than Fiction, Superboy-Prime, She-Hulk, Cerebrus the Aardvark, AmbushBug, and other author-meeting fourth-wall-breaking “rage against the author” tropists.)

*English not your first language? Click the TRANSCRIPT below to get the script of the comic! You can either translate with Google’s computer translator at the bottom of this page, or with Transposh’s human-edited translator in the top left corner.*

↓ Transcript
Panel 1

Carl and Skye walking through a park or a city, your choice—either way make the background pop. You gotta give some love to backgrounds.

Backgrounds: https://kotaku.com/tips-for-drawing-backgrounds-1759168924

Skye (cringing): So…you wanna talk about what we have in common…figure out how somebody knows both our identities.

Carl: Nope.

Skye: Oh no, so I’m in trouble, again? Carl I swear, I haven’t said anything, and you can check my browser history and read all my e-mails, just please don’t kick me off the team—

Panel 2

Carl: Nah, mano, it’s not like that. I wanna know how you’re doing.

Skye: Is that all? I mean, if this isn’t important then maybe we need to stop the girls from killing each other…

Carl: They’re both smart people. I’m not worried about them.

Skye: Oh, well thanks a lot.