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Therapy for Superheroes, Page 1 #comics #becominghero A prequel to the comics character who kills his author.

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Therapy for superheroes, page one

Therapy for superheroes, page one

↓ Transcript

Wristwatch on psychiatrist’s hand.

Skye: “And that’s what happened to Jun. Or July. I don’t know anymore.”

Psychiatrist: “I see. Well, Skye, we will have to pick this up again next week.”


Skye, in normal teenage garb, sits with his head in his hands in a psychiatrists’ office.

Skye: “O—okay. And you promise you’re not gonna tell anyone?”

Psychiatrist: “I’m a doctor. Everything you tell me is confidential as long as you’re not planning on killing anyone, or yourself.”

Skye: “Well, I mean, it’s not like I haven’t heard of evil doctors.”

Cut to:

PANEL 3, full half-page panel

The Guardians (Robotman, Skye, Black Butterfly, and Natasha) battle an enormous mecha robot suit decorated in wine paraphernalia. It’s Dr. Zinfandel, inside it—the crazed playboy billionaire who went insane experimenting on some of the wine for his business empire, and now performs ridiculous crimes in the name of “marketing tactics”. In the background Robotman punches the suit while Natasha fires thunder soundwaves at it from her rings.

Zinfandel: “You will never stop Doctor Zinfandel, you fools! You slaves to inferior beverages! Who sent you this time, Lord Cola?”

Skye, foreground, while he effortlessly fires lightning at the giant robot suit: “Does anyone else sometimes just feel like letting this guy go? I kinda love the crazy drink-based fiction he lives in.”

Butterly, foreground, carrying an injured person: “Skye, he stomped on a bus and killed thirty people!”

Skye: “Fair point, fair point. Still, Lord Cola, though.”

PANEL 4: small corner panel, inset slightly on panel 3

View from inside the robot suit, just behind where Zinfandel is sitting to pilot it. Bright red mark on Zinfandel’s shoulder, and an ominous shadowy figure behind his pilot seat.