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Welcome to Comics Contacts!

The Ultimate Contact List

…for Comic Creators And Scifi/Superhero Prose Authors

As an Indie Comics Writer, I know it’s tough to get your pieces in front of the right eyes. Reporter contacts, influencers, all the guys whose word can get your comic out there–I made this list because no one else would help me get one. After tons of research, I’ve curated a list of 100+ fresh reporter emails you can use and growing, plus bonus contacts and resources, too, like over 70 Comics and Superhero-related Facebook groups.

And if you’re wondering, no–no secret backdoor dealings here: all of these emails are legally gathered through hard work, draining me and my three-man team of several months of our lives at over $500 in software and research. Protips included to increase your chances.

We got you three categories

  1. Comic Book Influencers – you know, like that lit magazine, or the geeky podcast you love. These are the folks you want to ask about reviews and exposure.
  2. Comic Book Facebook Groups – places to get reviews, give reviews, collab, and find fans. You can even use tools like LeadEnForce to target these groups with Facebook Ads if you so choose. (We talk pros and cons of Facebook ads here)
  3. Small Comics Publishers – if you’re looking for collaboration, or you just need someone else to do the publishing so you can focus on writing, you’re not limited to the Marvel/DC slush piles! There are many small companies out there selling content.
  4. BONUS: Webcomics Distributors – where you can upload your webcomic to get the best audience, and why different sites might work for you.
  5. BONUS: SCIENCE FICTION PROSE REVIEWERS, Facebook groups, Booktuber contacts, and so, so much more!!!

And, as a HUGE bonus, at the end of the ever-growing database I’ve included a customizable email template you can use to get yourself started–and actually get replies! There’s also an extra-special free app to increase your response rate even further. ^_^ Yay!

So get your free sample of COMICS CONTACTS

Or, go ahead and pay whatever you want for full access now:

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Why pay what you want? Sure, you can get at least $300 of publicity leading to sales out of this list if you use it right, and I’ve seen people charge hundreds for similar lists in other fields. But I believe in lowering the barrier to entry: most of the “marketing tools” out there cost far too much for the average starting creator, and this is what I could afford to pay if it were me.

Now, it’s not free because free gets abused. You deserve quality, and there’s gotta be a paywall to keep this website running and pay Nathan. That said, if you can’t afford even like a “pay what you want” of 0.99c, email me and I’ll give it to you in exchange for something else, like a share of my work to your email list or something. I want you to have this. I just want to make sure to have some kind of wall so we can protect the reporters and influencers whose e-mails live here. I want this list to go to SERIOUS creators, and Nathan and I will remove access if people use e-mails…well, spammingly. You don’t want to get random mass BCC e-mails from strangers who don’t care about you, and neither does anyone else. In fact, by using this list–even the free sample above–you agree never to send an e-mail to multiple people on this list at the same time, and to ALWAYS personalize each e-mail. One e-mail per e-mail address, and you’ll personalize that e-mail. That’s the agreement. A’ight? A’ight.

Well then, pardner, I think we have ourselves a deal.

(Spins handgun, chews tobacco, spits, twirls handgun into holster, and flies away on jetpack trailing fairy dust…)

Git yerself a jetpack* and join me in comics contact marketing magic space!

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*Jetpack not included. Complete access to Comics Contact List yes included. Aiight.

**Also, chewing tobacco is super-bad for your gums and stuff. I’m a doctor, I’m contractually obligated to tell you this.