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How to #Crowdfund #Comics: Success Tips from @angelamelick of Wasted Talent Comics!

WastedTalent.ca by Angela “Jam” Melick

Angela “Jam” Melick ran an incredibly successful comics Kickstarter, clocking in at over 45,000 Canadian dollars, and that’s just one of many ways she’s monetized her comics. With her simple, colorful drawing style and her Women in STEM social commentary, she’s entertained fans for over eleven years as the full-time creator of the popular engineering-focused webcomic, Wasted Talent. She kindly agreed to give us a few crowdfunding-related tips!

1. Let’s talk about prizes. What are the best prizes for comics-related crowdfunding, in your experience? How did signing things affect their value and the amount of work you had to put in?

The best prize is what you’re making! Most people are only interested in the product itself, and that’s where most of your effort should go. Additional rewards just act as a little “thank you” for additional levels of support. They should be things that you’re used to designing, that don’t carry a lot of additional expense or complexity. I always prefer things that are flat, don’t carry sizes, and don’t weigh too much. Signing pieces don’t really add any value, monetarily, but it’s a personal touch than many readers appreciate. I’m limited by my wrist, but I try to add a personal touch to as many things as I can.

2. Most difficult aspect of comics crowdfunding for you, logistically?

I work full time. There’s a lot of extra messaging and work involved that’s difficult to balance. In the past I’ve done my own fulfillment and that’s by far the most time consuming aspect, I’m excited to be partnering with another group who can relieve me of that task this time.

3. Number one most important tip you’d give to comics crowdfunders?

Keep your vision as simple as possible. Extra inventory isn’t as valuable as you might think.

4. Now what? What are you working on now, post-success, and what are you excited about that you’ve got coming down the pipe? (Good place for self-promotion links!)

I have a comic about that here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/whats-next-for-7274092

I’ll be focused on short stories for awhile, but I’m not ready to commit to anything specific. I’ll need several months to complete the work associated with this Kickstarter, and after that I’ll be taking a well-deserved break.

Many thanks to Jam for being willing to answer a few of our questions!

I’ll be following up soon with more crowdfunding comics posts–we’ve got some tasty interviews with some great experts and creators coming down the line. If you want EXTRA interviews and stats, there’ll actually be a whole e-book about comics crowdfunding available to my e-mail list below. Drop me your info and I’ll let you know when that’s ready.

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Keep creating!