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Debora can’t hear her mother’s voice – and we might have a chance to change that.

Hey there! Jen here. Today, I want to talk to you about Debora.

It’s not mother’s day, but I’d love for you to email me and let me know what your mom sounds like. My mom’s voice is high and harsh, with a powerful operatic soprano when she sings. She’s worried it’s getting weak, and old, but I like softer edges. She’s not a hugger. With that strong tongue I’ve never doubted that she’d defend me to the death.

Debora’s never heard her mom’s voice. Cochlear implants are controversial in the deaf community, but in Debora’s case, she lives in Paraguay, where there is no sign language “community’ or “culture” for her to lose. She knows a few signs she does with her family, taught dutifully to her by therapists, but she can’t truly meaningfully communicate. At her current rate, she’ll never find independence. Community. Herself.

Earlier this year, while I was in Paraguay, a team of Americans came down to help some of the local pastors with their church, and to run a couple of health fairs with me. About a month later one of them texted me.

“Please, is there anything we can do for Debora?” he asked.

Gordon–a gruff-looking, no-nonsense ex-Navy vet–had teared up seeing Debora struggle to interact with her family. He found himself perseverating over everything she’s missing. And he asked me what we can do.

So I asked Debora’s mom for an official quote from the surgeon for how much a cochlear implant would cost, and Gordon asked some financial advisors how to make sure everything’s above-board. This week is the special week we’re taking the plunge. I really hope you’ll help me out. I’m COUNTING on you, my future hero team, to make a difference for this little girl.

You guys always come through, so I’m excited to see you plaster her poster EVERYWHERE! It’s linked in the updates section of that page.

And of course, as always, I have a little freebie for you, too. This one’s a hidden science fiction video I haven’t made public on my channel–this is probably the only time I’ll share it with this list, and after that, it’s probably patreon-only except for the special few who find it through an old email form. It’s a Neodymium-based video where you’re an insomniac on a Frelsi mission to Burbura.

Here’s that.

You’ll also find a new historical fiction video up on that same channel, if you prefer, for your bedtime story tonight.

Sleep tight, okay? And thanks for being a group I can rely on to make change.