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Don’t let supremacists win – Democrat or Republican. Keep refugee families together! #superheroalert #humanrights Sign the petition now.

Today’s #superheroalert is taken and amended from FAMILIES BELONG TOGETHER:

The Biden administration announced they’re considering keeping Trump and Stephen Miller’s historically low refugee admission caps. This is in direct contradiction to his earlier promise to raise the refugee admissions cap to 60,000.
We don’t get to pick and choose when we recognize the humanity of those who are fleeing violence, period. Not only does it break an earlier promise by the Biden administration, it also flies in the face of our efforts to fight for our values: Treating children and families with compassion, dignity, and humanity.
Let me be clear: We as a nation are perfectly capable of welcoming families in a fair and compassionate way. We can strive for better, and we cannot take our cues from Stephen Miller — a known white supremacist — who sadistically attacked children.
Please add your name to the petition to demand the administration revisit this announcement immediately.
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