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I spent years putting together the right resources, and oh so much money trying out the wrong ones. And now FOR YOU

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Click up there for your free book, or click these words instead. = ) Have funzies.

Why free (and is it really)? Well, you sexy, cynical little bastard, I am chained by strong religious beliefs that date back to the days of dragons–

Basically, when I started creating comics, nothing like this existed. As I grew, I found even in indie comics, everyone guards their marketing secrets closely: there’s a comics “mastery” course out there charging several thousand dollars for some of the information I’ve put in this cheap little book. I am tired of the gate keepers. It’s well nigh impossible to break into the space without tons of luck or disposable income, and that’s not fair. So I’m rallying other authors to help me burrow my way under the wall! Creation should be accessible for everyone. That’s why this is free.

Now if you hate free, you’re welcome to pick it up on Amazon instead. But it’s only here on my website that you get the e-mail resource course that goes with the PDF. And if you want to be cynical, heck, maybe I’m making all this free because one day you’ll buy something from me or click an affiliate link. You’re welcome to do so if you feel so inclined, but honestly, you don’t have to. The truth is darker than that: I want revenge. I want revenge on the system that helps the winners and stomps on the losers, and my best revenge is for you to succeed so brilliantly with these cheap little free ideas that everyone finds out about it. They say success is the best revenge; I say the best revenge is to make everyone’s lives so much better that your enemies feel beet-face ashamed that they stood against you.

Too real? I thought so. = P *Smoochy face* Click away, my darling dragon hunter, and plunder my gems. -_^

May your marketing change the world for the better!