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#GeekGear Deals for Holiday Gifts (#shopping)

Heyooo my SuperPeeps! DID YOU KNOW that there is a time of year where people expect you to get gifts for them in the Western Hemisphere? Crazy stuff. Actually there are many of those times of year. But I digress.

Because you are geeky and awesome like me, and because you may also have geeky friends, and you’d like to make them smile this season, I thought, “hey, could I get sweet winter deals just for the SuperPeeps?” So I did a little legwork, and here’s what I came up with.

The Secret Code for SuperHeroStuff.com

There’s this site where you can get all the licensed DC and Marvel stuff, plus costumes, plus stuff to decorate your house with, plus WHAT DO YOU WANT ALREADY. I’m not affiliated with them (yet), but I’m definitely looking into it, because, man, have you seen that new Flash shirt with the abs and the cool lightning effect? They’ve broken the site down so you can browse by hero or by item, so if you’re just hankering for some Batman, it’s just as easy as if you’re just looking for a neat necklace. Now, they put out a secret coupon, and I found it. So if you want it, let me know below.

Japan Trend Shop

Yes, I can hear the japanophiles screaming. Or maybe you can hear them screaming, because you’ve got that one friend in your life who breathes anime, or maybe you’re just looking for a crazy unique gag gift! Trust me, if you get something from here, you’ll probably have the most interesting geek gift at the party, and you can rock a white elephant. There’s neat stuff you’d expect, like planetariums and bento boxes, but there’s also a lamp made of forks and spoons, Pocky for Whiskey, and a…”facial expressions exerciser.”

And guess who got you an exclusive 10% on the whole freaking stooooore?

Yoyo.com Code

If you’re shopping for that mini-nerd in your life, I’ve got your butt covered there, too. Like with SuperHeroStuff, you can sort by character type, through StarWars, Frozen, the Avengers, etc, and if you’re a lego fanatic this is basically where you need to be. It’s ridiculously easy, because you can also sort by age, by “S.T.E.M,” by brand–it’s just a really organized site. And guess who got you a discount code?

Yup, me, it’s me. I’m really excited about pulling this off this year, so I hope you’ll take advantage of these and just get whatever you want. It’s (partly) on me! Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and just enjoy your winter! Drop me your e-mail below so I can send you the codes, and let me know if there’s anything else you want that I can try to work out for you.

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See you soon!