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How can YOU reduce prison injustice and prevent violent crime? #superheroalert

Today’s #Superheroalert features LIFE AFTER LIFE documentary producer Tamara Perkins. LIFE AFTER LIFE follows three men who spend their entire lives in prison after committing crimes as teenagers. Today we question the problems with our incarceration system. Why does America incarcerate so many Black people? How come we had just over a couple hundreds thousand people in prison in the 1980s, and now have over 7.1 million? Are we really healing victims and making streets safer? Why is the overall “repeat offender” rate so high?

And most importantly, how can YOU protect a teenager from losing his or her entire life to the prison system?

Watch the Life After Life trailer at www.lifeafterlifemovie.com



Make tax-deductible donations to support Life After Life engagement via Bay Area Video Coalition HERE
Work directly with incarcerated people via PrisonFellowship and Kairos Prison Fellowship.
Prevent incarceration with Big Brother Big Sister
Learn how to support those coping with an incarcerated loved one (coping article inspired after the writer watched LIFE AFTER LIFE)
And remember to try your local church or look for groups run by formerly incarcerated citizens! Additionally, vote for cameras on police officers and rape kit testing to ensure that justice, not discrimination, is served. (Did you know some states don’t even hire people to test rape kits, so they get thrown away instead?)


Watch the Life After Life trailer at www.lifeafterlifemovie.com
Commune with Life After Life at:
Life After Life Viewing Guide and Educational Curriculum HERE
Watch videos and Tamara’s TED Talk to learn even more at: Life After: Embracing our Common Humanity and Live Free Together Campaign: Healing justice impacted communities

Tamara mentioned THE SENTENCING PROJECT and THE NEW JIM CROW, both resources where you can start digging deeper into the issues surrounding mass incarceration.

Jen mentioned this group: ThriveMovement.com



Jen Finelli is a physician, science fiction author, former reporter, therapist, and activist who wants to become a superhero one day. Because of her adventures Jen believes anyone can have a good idea: from prostitutes to Senators, from children to the aged, from the able to the unstable, liberal, conservative, libertarian or communist or alien conspiracy theorist. As a consequence, views expressed in these interviews may not necessarily be her own; Jen is not here to promote any organization, government, or political party (although she reserves the right to do so), but to find PRACTICAL ways YOU can make a difference.

So if you find yourself hearing ideas you hate, that’s expected–stick around to extract the PRACTICAL, #dogood “baby” from the “bathwater” of ideology and politics. To find more #superheroalerts, go to http://becominghero.ninja/category/superhero-alerts-become-a-hero/

How will you show EXTREME kindness today?

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