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I went to Paraguay and met a doctor who gets paid in noodles. #healthcare #superheroalert

Hey! It’s Jen, the scifi author who sends you IRL superhero lessons sometimes.

If you’re really interested in becoming a hero–and not just an internet activist–you’ve got to do something that’s DIFFERENT. Anyone can retweet a thing. But Batman puts on a utility belt and starts running around the city with a weird hat on. I’m joking, but I’m also totally serious!

You might have seen this already, but when I was in Paraguay this year, I met a doctor who gets paid in noodles. (If you haven’t seen that yet, it’s seven minutes and super-uplifting). I’d love for you to see it, comment, and brainstorm with me–what’s a problem you see that maybe needs a NEW idea? What’s the BIG DIFFERENCE that could change your strategy right now? You’ve got to exist with some realism, right–Batman can’t fund his crazy without Bruce Wayne’s real life job–but real change starts with DIFFERENT.

Let’s talk about this.