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あきらめない人を倒すのは難しい. #スーパーヒーローアラート#インスピレーション

画像あなたはそれらの瞬間を覚えています? スーパーヒーローが息を止めさせるもの. バリー・アレンが, フラッシュポイントで, 大腿四頭筋に巨大なスパイクが詰まっているにもかかわらず、起き上がって走り始めます. ピーターパーカーが, アルティメットスパイダーマンコミックシリーズの最後に, 彼が今まで直面したすべての敵の見物人の前でお辞儀をします, 立ち上がって戦い続ける. すべてが壊れた瞬間, でも主人公はあきらめません.


For you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.It’s a line from a historic letter written to a persecuted people group who’d lost their property and become second-class citizens because of their minority status. They’d lost friends, jobs, communitya lot of the things that help define our identities as human beings. まだ, the writer tells them not to give up, not to bow down to temptation, even though they’ve lost so much, because they’re still alive. “You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.As long as you’re alive, you’re not allowed to give up.

Do we really help others to the point of shedding our blood? Do we even help others to the point of “ああ, this is a minor inconvenience”?

スーパーヒーローになりたいなら, you’re going to have to push far beyond the normal boundaries of convenient for others, into what becomes painful.

You’re going to have to stop giving up.