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Es ist die Zukunft: WHACKY #tech Sie völlig vorstellen konnte ein Superheld mit (PS. Geheim Coupon Seite unten) #geekgear

Heyooo SuperPeeps! Ich bin es wieder, noch die Jagd um für kühle Aussenseiter und superhero Dinge zu bekommen Sie für die Feiertage. Diesmal, Ich konzentriere mich auf fünf Dinge, die man sich vorstellen total von einem umwerfenden Scifi herauskommt oder seltsame Comic-Superheld–und, sehr zur Freude aller Sie süß Otaku draußen, Ich fand sie alle auf JapanTrendShop.com. Es ist ein Ort, an dem man im Grunde für Japan-exklusive Kühle zu sehen bekommen, wie Gesicht Übenden, oder…bishonen geschält Kastanien…. sowie eine Reihe von anderen erhältlichen Sachen haben Sie noch nie gehört. Wenn Sie wollen nur Ihre geheimen Coupon packen, Scrollen Sie ganz nach unten–es wird meine Gefühle nicht schaden, wenn Sie alle meine Worte überspringen. = P

Bereit für einige seltsame Gadget-Geschenke?

The Air-Conditioned Dress Shirt

What spoiled billionaire (with a superhero secret life) wants his dress shirt to get sweaty while he’s in a meeting? You really think after getting accustomed to the air conditioned comforts of an environmentally-regulated suit, Tony Stark doesn’t keep that tech going all day long? I can’t imagine the guy sweating, and now I know why: air conditioning inside his shirt. You say “Warum” and I kennt he’d sayWhy not!”



Heated Socks

Ja, if you notice a theme so far, it’s on purpose. But imagine this. Frigid wind slices against a chiseled jaw. A hunched figure trudges through a blizzard, his thick, worn parka concealing 200 pounds of muscle and at least fifty pounds of weapons. I’m thinking like, rogue Batman from that Red Sun comic where Superman is a communist tyrant. This one:

From Superman: Red Son, which you can (and should) read all about here: https://www.inverse.com/article/13855-what-bvs-could-ve-learned-from-superman-red-son

That Batman’s smart enough to know that in Siberia, what happens to your feet, happens to you. Your feet get wet, you die. Your feet get cold, you lose them, you die. (Okay, so maybe what happens to your feet doesn’t happen to you. Maybe no matter what happens to your feet, something bad happens to you.)

Point is, das Batman’s gotta keep his feet warm. And I know, Ja, das Batman grew up in a rural area and probably has socks knit from ridiculous monster-sheep, but come on, if the brain’s the most dangerous weapon, and if I know anything about Batman’s obsession with gearhe’d have heated socks.

Like these.



LED Garden Hydroponic Grow Box




Ich weiß, WHAT?

But speaking of Superman, wie, what does he eat when he’s in the Fortress of Solitude? Does he seriously take a whole ten seconds or whatever to fly back to Metropolis, pick up a burger, and then fly back, every time he’s hankering? I think not–eigentlich, I am almost certain not, because in certain comics and animated media he stays in that Fortress alone for a LONG time, to think.

To keep himself in that wholesolitudemindset without interruptions, I bet he grows his food. In some of the old 1950s comics he had his own lab in the Fortress. So why wouldn’t he have a hydroponic garden?

And more importantly, actually why don’t I have one? In all seriousness, I try to encourage superhero-like, upstanding behavior, and one aspect of that lifestyle is independence: a hero tries not to rely too much on broken systems, so she can become a source of help and protection for others. Heroes also spend a lot of time saving the earth. Hydroponic farming speaks to both of those needs.

(I’ll do a post in the Superhero Alerts section later on cheaperurban farming,” but for now this is an easy way to start if you’ve got a lot of money to drop and not a lot of time to learn)

On Serebu Toilet Noise Blocker

Heehee this is one of my favorite ones! The website claims,

It is one of the peculiarities of the Japanese (mostly women, but also men): they’re very self-conscious when it comes to the noises they make when they are on the toilet. Many Westerners are too, Na sicher, but not to the extent that they create a device that makes the sound of flushing water to cover the sound their bodies make. Ja, die On Serebu Toilet Noise Blocker is one such gadget!”

Ich…UH…don’t know who wrote this website copy (although I suspect it was an anthropologist from the 1930s = P) but there you have it, a cute little gadget that makes water sounds to hideother sounds.

Can you imagine how useful this might be for a superhero with something to hide? Blue Beetle, in the bathroom whispering to himself; Natasha Romanov destroying evidence; I hear Ralph Dibny had social anxiety and might straight up want to use this for its intended purpose.

At any rate, I feel like the On Serebu thingy is probably one of those gadgets a lot of superheroes have and don’t talk about. Ebenfalls, they’re shaped like hearts:



Telescopic Fishing-Pole-Looking Camera

Aiight, so this one’s straight out of Spy Kids. Not a lot of explanation needed here. The head looks like something off the end of Doc Oc’s arms, für echte.



It’s useful to be able to snake cameras into places sometimes.

Also ja, that’s JapanTrendShop.com! I’ll be looking through other websites in the coming days to try to find either geek gear gifts, or superhero tools for you, just to kind of give this whole site a little bit of a real-life feel to it. I’m not a JapanTrendShop affiliate, but I did manage to swing a sexy little coupon for you if you find yourself on that site and hankering for some gag gifts. I’m seriously contemplating buying the face-exerciser for my mother in law to see what she says.

The coupon’s available here, zum 10% off anything, if you drop me your e-mail!

I won’t spam you, send you product recommendations, or turn into an electrical villain and sneak into your computer ala that bad guy from Mighty Med. Just let me know if you want something and I’ll send it your way. I’m helpful like that. ^_^ Oh, and if you’re looking for more practical superhero gear, you can find a chat about different nonlethal stun weapons Hier. If you’re hungry for more geek dealslike Lego for the mini-nerd in your life, or licensed DC/Marvel apparelI found you some of those, Hier. Don’t forget to hit me up on Twitter or any of the other socials, über, to let me know what you think of this stuff!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

nur ~