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#Art Tips with Kevin Chin (How to Make #Comics and Draw Superheroes #2)

From Kevin T. Chin on https://www.instagram.com/kevinchinart

I am super-psyched to share art tips for you from successful video game and concept artist Kevin Chin, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Wizard World Austin after drooling over his delicately detailed digitals online. If you’re an avid Warhammer 40K player, you’ve probably seen some of his stuff; if your tastes run to the other end of the toughness gamut, and you’ve played Epic Mickey 2, you’ve definitely seen his stuff. He used to work for Disney Interactive, and now he’s the Senior Concept Artist at KingsIsle Entertainment. You’ve seen his stuff.

Here’s your chance to learn a tiny bit from that stuff!

1. Quick intro into you, Kevin–what’s your preferred art style and medium? (And what are you best at?)

I mostly work digital now but I learned through analog painting and drawing at art school (College for Creative Studies in Detroit).

2. What was the biggest technique breakthrough in your early career?

Early on, breakthrough I would say is just knowing how to control and master using Photoshop as a painting tool. It’s the industry norm and what we all use at work because everyone from a concept artist and 3D modeler can use it for their own purposes.

3. Name the four most important tools (and/or brands of tools!) you use in your work.

Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq, Internet/Pinterest for reference/research, phone/camera for quick pose/reference shots.

4. Are there any art technique experiments you’re working on now, or that you’d like to try?

I’ve been delving into screen print poster designs lately. It’s a different look, very laborious if done correctly, but also challenging once you figure out how things work. Then it gets fun trying to get creative. Expensive though…

5. Number one technique tip for aspiring artists.

Learn your foundation art skills, figure drawing, perspective, rendering/shading. It spans and affects any art profession even when you don’t realize it.

6. What’s your favorite project you’re working on right now? (This is a good little spot to promote yourself)

Can’t really talk much about projects at work but I do a bunch of art outside of my day job. Lately I’ve been creating screen print posters for local art shows. They’re on my web store over at Kevinchinart.storenvy.com or Kevinchinart.etsy.com. I’ll also be making some comic convention appearances this year too, follow me on my social media to find out when those are happening.

Thanks so much, Kevin, for sharing a little bit about your art life with us. So, summary, SuperPeeps? Big takeaway?

Focus on the basics: your basic image editing, your figure drawing, perspective, rending, and shading, and use references.

If you have more questions, I bet you can find Kevin’s socials below:

Instagram: kevinchinart
Twitter: kevinchinart
Tumblr: kevinchinart
Facebook: scratchmychinart

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See you next time!