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Meet John Krissilas, the voice behind Skye.

John’s our award-nominated voice actor for Skye, the comic book character out to shoot his author. I’ve actually known him almost since this project’s inception, and his feedback about the villain had a large impact on the plot towards the end. You can hear a sample of his voice work in our mixed-media comic, where he narrates the battle between Natasha, Skye, and Zeus! And of course, you can pick up Becoming Hero on audible. First book free with an Audible trial, I’m told.

This is John’s #BecomingHero page, where we’ll highlight a few of his #superheroalerts and achievements as he shares them with us. Krissilas has a TON of his own projects floating around. In addition to writing, directing, and producing, Krissilas leads a creativity consultation business to help you bring out the best in what you make. His background as an archaeologist allowed him to write this awesome sandal punk novel about a street urchin riding hover boards through Greek legend (I’m one of the lucky few who’ve been allowed to read it pre-release), and he’s always coming up with something new. Please visit him below:

You can actually watch the show he just finished making here! Check it out: the award winning webseries MARKED, which he co-created, co-writes, co-produces and acts in. Inspired by classic sci-fi mystery series like the X-Files and Lost, the show follows two former actresses trying to solve the strange death of their cast-mate and discover its connection to a symbol from their past. John plays Hal Stevens, an enigmatic government agent who may – or may not be – helping them in their quest.

Watch the complete first season (Episodes 1 – 6) here:
Visit the Marked website here: https://www.MarkedWebSeries.com