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Mental Health Resources

I just wanted to make sure you, dear hero, were taking care of yourself, and knew what mental health resources to give others in danger. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A THERAPIST AND NEED ONE, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT OR USE MY LINK:

— Phone number for suicide helpline US: 1-800-273-8255
— Crisis text line: Text HOME to 741741 in US; Text 686868 in Canada
International suicide numbers
— FIND THERAPY. If you don’t have a good therapist, I affiliate with Better Help which you can use for online therapy at a 10 percent discount, which also helps support the superhero projects here on the site. If you can’t afford Better Help, Open Path Collective helps people with low incomes connect with therapy, and your local health department can help you if you’re completely uninsured.
Victor Frankl’s logotherapy book helped me find meaning in my depression
This DBT Workbook by Matthew McKay helped me survive strong suicidal emotions

I really hope these resources help; they are evidence-based and they have helped me. If they don’t help, go find some that do. Your life matters. I am not your therapist; I am a fellow sufferer along this journey, and I am telling you it can get better. If you are in danger right now, please go to local authorities to protect you from yourself. If you can’t use the resources above, please consider going through the whole depression playlist on Real Doctor Adventures ASMR and working through the handouts in the descriptions. They are best used with a therapist, chaplain, pastor, wise old lady–someone who can help identify hurtful or sad thinking patterns–but they can also be used alone. Focus on the question of finding MEANING in your suffering. What are you willing to suffer for?

Don’t forget to get on my free weekly self-care list where we study evidence-based relaxation together.

***I am not your therapist. If you need your own therapist, please go to your primary care physician and ask them to refer you. Ask for someone skilled in CBT/DBT. Alternatively, there are therapists you can talk to online affordably. (betterhelp.com/doctorjen) While I am a real doctor, I am not YOUR doctor; nothing I say here is official medical advice, diagnosis, or disease treatment, because I have not physically examined or spoken with YOU. You have the power to fact-check me. My medical license is publicly searchable under the state of Virginia medical boards at 0101265916.

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Best wishes, young hero. If you’d like to stay in touch, and get inspiration for how your real life superhero journey would look, join me here.