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Nathan Ssagala – Webcomic Artist and Designer

Nathan Ssagala is a Ugandan comics artist with skills in cover design, ad creation, website logos, and various other image creation abilities. He was one of the two comics artists originally supported by our Patreon, which seeks to promote and support education for new, rising creators, predominantly internationally. In 2019, he took over as the full Becoming Hero webcomic artist, t-shirt designer, and marketing imagery designer for a bunch of awesome tools we’re putting together for comics creators.

In November we ran into a huge bump in the road when Nathan was robbed. He e-mailed me recommending that I cut him from Becoming Hero comics, since he would no longer be able to work without his laptop. Around the same time, he sent me some troubling blurry videos, for safekeeping in case something happened to him–videos of police shooting live rounds at his University. Female students started to protest because when they couldn’t afford the new tuition raises, professors pressured them for sexual favors instead. Male students began to protest over the severe beatings that put female protestors in the hospital, aaaand so then for a while all the students at the school had to go into hiding.

So together, our Becoming Hero superheroalert squad raised enough money to buy a new laptop for Nathan, who’s already used it to earn money to help support his mother and pay for college. He’s back in school right now, and despite the frequent power outages and other challenges he faces, he’s literally the most dedicated artist I’ve worked with. He returns revisions faster than anyone I’ve known, and that counts even experienced artists who charge more than triple his rates. You will not go wrong requesting an image from him, and his art has improved dramatically over the past year. You can see his improving artwork at our free webcomic, https://www.becominghero.ninja/comic/ or samples like the one below he made for our instagram. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/nexus2.0/ and he’s starting his own design business! You can hire him for jobs over his Insta, actually, and help increase our artist funding over at patreon.com/becominghero. Nathan dreams of migrating to Canada and starting a full design business that he can use to support the street children back in his neighborhood. Check him out!