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Orphanages have a MAJOR limitation. This Paraguayan charity is solving it. (And you can, too) #dogood #superheroalert

Recently I got the chance to go to Paraguay and interview Brian McCobb, the American ambassador for a Paraguayan-run charity that’s connecting orphans with a bigger solution than just a roof over their heads. Watch to the end to find out what this has to do with YOUR hero journey! Dulce Semillitas can be found at https://www.dulcesemillita.org/ or on Instagram @dulcesemillitapy or @littleneighborsparaguay. And look into youth mentorship programs in your area!

If you’re ready to go beyond normal life and build your own superhero identity, take the 5-day hero inspiration course. It’s free, and it starts with a story about mentoring kids. And if it doesn’t stimulate your brain for the change you need, you can email me through the course and I will help you choose YOUR journey based on YOUR passions and calling. Most people just want to be “good”; they can’t imagine beyond that. I am looking for those rare ones ready to turn their PAIN into POWER. Apply here.

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