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Police violence: You know there’s a problem. Here are scientific solutions. Act, dear one! #blacklivesmatter #superheroalert

You know what’s happening. Do something useful about it. There’s a sample letter for your representatives on police violence below. It links to data-driven solutions based on validated research, and written to appeal to whatever side your rep might be on. DO include the first sentence–I have a representative I DO NOT LIKE and still found something he did that I could compliment. Convince these people. Protecting Black lives protects everyone.
Subject: Please implement data-driven solutions to the violence in my area
Thank-you for your work on THING I APPRECIATED. I won’t take up much of your time, because as a physician I understand a busy schedule, but as a scientist I know data matters. I wanted to ask that you apply evidence-based solutions, instead of emotional reactions, to violence in our area–especially in light of the recent uptick in violence, unconstitutional curfews, and the President’s overreach against freedom of speech and assembly. Specifically, please aggressively implement the policy packet available for you at https://www.joincampaignzero.org
There, you will find data-driven research that will decrease the deficit, decrease the unjust prison population, and most importantly, decrease violence and keep our citizens safe. Specifically, please consider the solutions that end broken windows policing, implement independent investigation into police misconduct, end for-profit policing, and improve the mandatory use of body cameras to protect both police and our citizens.
Thank-you for taking the time to consider data over rhetoric, and thank-you for the work you do for our community.
Best wishes,
Jen Finelli, MD
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