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11 Practical Ways You Can Be a Hero For An Elder or #Caregiver (via @joanyedwards #superheroalert)

Guest post by Joan Y Edwards


  1. 1. Pray for them. Call caregiver on the phone and ask how you can help. Choose one of these needs that you feel comfortable discussing with her: Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Financial, Social. Give them the phone number of your local Social Services and also the contact information for the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) in your county to ask about available respite (rest from caring duties), support groups, and other services that might help her and her elder.
  2. Make sure caregivers take 4 hours or more away from caregiving every week. Offer to take care of elder for 4 hours or to pay for a qualified CNA to stay with elder so that the caregiver gets needed rest from caregiving duties and responsibilities.
  3. Fix or pick up lunch or dessert from caregiver’s favorite restaurant for caregiver and elder and take it there and eat with her. Give attention to both caregiver and elder.
  4. Send cards to both the caregiver and the elder to their snail mail address.
  5. Visit. Sit for an hour and listen. Just being there and listening to the caregiver and the elder is a much-needed gift.
  6. Encourage caregiver to have regular doctor, dental visits. Sometimes, in caring for another person, caregivers forget about themselves. They might say, “Next month, I’ll call and make an appointment.” However, next month comes and they don’t make an appointment.
  7. Purchase a DVD of a movie you know the caregiver will enjoy and give it to her and watch it with her or offer to sit with elder while she watches it.
  8. Give the caregiver and elder, a copy of a CD with their favorite music.
  9. Many times, elders and caregivers might get chilly. So give them a gift of an afghan or colorful blanket to keep them warm.
  10. Take children to visit. Have them make a card, plan to sing a song, play an instrument, play a game, or do a skit for the elder and caregiver.
  11. Buy the caregiver a copy of Joan’s Elder Care Guide. It is jam-packed full of resources and ideas to meet your caregivers needs and those of her elder, too.

Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards




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Joan’s Elder Care Guide: Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive

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