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Practical ways to stop deforestation by allying with local populations instead of shaming them #superheroalert #sustainability

Today’s superheroalert is an extremely informative one, and I’d like to highlight the latter half of it in particular, with practical solutions to deforestation.

One problem with a lot of our Hollywood-driven attitudes towards deforestation is that we envision these Ferngully bad guys mowing down the Amazon while cackling evilly…when in reality, the people “mowing down the Amazon,” are, for the most part, poor people who need food and money, and have no other options.

This phenomenal, heavily researched article includes a number of solutions that work together with local peoples instead of just handing down mandates from afar (which is an unfortunate tendency of the wealthy nations that run the UN).

So I hope you’ll check out the article and see how you can help on a practical level!

And when you’re done with that–if you’re tired of reading or hearing about heroism, and you want to start your own story beyond what’s currently real, hit me up here.