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Promoting Your Comic on Youtube #makecomics #comicsmarketing

No intro, let’s jump right in and get YouTubers to promote your comics.

Before you do this, I highly recommend you get a Gumroad account and use their affiliate program. This way, you can give YouTubers (and other influencers, if you prefer) a link that they can earn a commission on. People are so much more likely to promote your stuff if they get a cut off the pie! And on YouTube, especially, getting an affiliate link from someone means you’ve arrived. So people appreciate that. You get so much more love if you give love, you know?

Tools to find YouTubers in your niche:

  1. Influenex. This is a paid tool, but you can totally find channels using its free version and then contact them through their YouTube “about” pages instead. The benefit of using this particular tool is that it will find people who WANT to be found–people who are LOOKING for promotion opportunities.
  2. BookTube Channel Guide from Reedsy. This search engine specifically finds YouTubers who want to promote books. Which…comics are books. So yeah!
  3. You can always search for channels by keyword on Youtube. This will usually find you the largest channels, who already receive too many promo emails. But it’s an option.

So yeah! Get Youtubers to promote your comic. I’ve listed several comics Youtubers and their contact information in the Comics Contacts List itself, too.