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Superheroalert: Save the Storks in New York

Hi there, it’s Jen again.

It‘s incredibly important to me, as a physician, that amidst all the misinformation and politics of the “pro-life”/”pro-choice” debate every woman has a chance to receive full scientific information about her body. I love performing ultrasounds because it’s the only time my pregnant women can SEE without relying on something I’m telling them. I don’t care very much about the political agendas various organizations have, because the labels pro-life and pro-choice don’t address the very complicated real scientific quandaries associated with childbearing; people who are “pro-life” are usually “pro” the “choice” of the baby, and people who are “pro-choice” usually don’t believe in destroying “life.” Beyond those philosophical generalities about rights–when do we address the reality of my actual patient hemorrhaging from misopristol while she digs frantically through the products of her abortion searching for a baby she suddenly realizes she wanted?

She will remember that for the rest of her life.

Most people simply don’t have all the scientific information they need to understand reproductive health consequences, and greedy physicians benefit from that monopoly of information. Doctor tells you a procedure’s no worse than a period, doctor doesn’t make sure you understand the cons, then you get procedure and doctor gets money. The more people doctor pushes through, the more money doctor gets. It’s basic economics.

That’s why I want to make sure women get free health information if at all possible. That’s why I like this organization, where ultrasound technicians are required to be informative and nonjudgmental, and women can get free, safe ultrasounds anywhere they are. They need support funding an ultrasound bus in New York. Will you help?