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Scream your enemies away – is the nanobanshee worth it? #supergear #selfdefense

Hey guys, just wanted to throw down a quick supergear self-defense post. The nanobanshee screams for you when someone attacks you. Personally, I’m a fan of fighting back–since studies show rapists respond better to striking than to wrestling or other techniques–or better, running. Sometimes even if you’re screaming, passers-by won’t help you. That sucks.

But! When I taught martial arts, I used to teach something called the kiap. That’s when you release your energy in a loud yell, and it gives you some serious confidence, and intimidates your enemy a little bit. There’s a real advantage to loud, disorienting sounds. So you need to know that some people will attack you no matter what-but it’s a lot less fun to attack someone if there’s a RIDICULOUS LOUD SCREAMING ALARM going off!

So I thought I’d check out the nanobanshee, and it seems promising, but I found some really negative customer reviews. Apparently their customer service kind of sucks, and the alarms aren’t quite as loud as advertised. Are there better alarms out there? What do you think about using whistles and other alarms for self-defense? More pertinent to our superhero blog, how can loud sounds help you defend someone else? What do YOU use?

Let me know in the forums!