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Skye’s Puzzle – The Becoming Hero Challenge

Unlock the secret of the murder behind Becoming Hero, and win respect world-wide for cracking the hardest puzzle ever released in modern literature.

(Scroll down for prize.)

So who was he, really?

My eye caught his mad scribbles around the math on my notebook paper. Words danced between the numbers with odd regularity, and patterns began to unfold in my mind. Patterns with a definite radius, odd, melodramatic limits, and…names…from my comic book…


We didn’t just have math competitions for fun. He didn’t just play with surface integrals because the regularity of it all gave a sense of order and peace to his chaotic life. He didn’t just solve physics dilemmas because they concentrate the mind in meditation that connected him to very the fabric of the Universe. I’d always known, and yet I hadn’t known.

He did this to hide himself in a Calculus code.

I couldn’t unravel his identity until I decided on my own. But math…math was where I hid, too, so it looked like a good place to start.

~Jace, Becoming Hero, 2017


The first person to complete this whole puzzle will receive one of a kind stone replicas of Natasha’s power rings from the comic.

If that first person is under 18, they will also receive $100. The winning teenager will also have the opportunity for long-term mentorship with a professional author, and/or a STEM counseling conversation with a successful PhD-level Mathematician.

If you believe you have the full solution, e-mail becomingheroninja (at) gmail (dot) com immediately.

Become the adventure.