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The Day You Became a Tyrant – The True Hidden Tragedy of COVID19


Feedthehungry.org/ – Give to them, please, people are starving because of COVID19 lock-downs and power abuses. Ongoing hidden tragedies chronicled in this growing article,
each marked by date, with ways you can help speak out.

April 26th, Starving the Poor:

“The children have malaria and we are locked in–it is difficult to get medications.” At this point, the level of government control due to COVI19 in many countries is becoming tyrannical. This is a message I received from a close friend who runs an orphanage in Liberia, where they are only allowed to leave the house two hours a day. This makes it impossible for her to work, difficult for her to obtain medications for the children, and, ultimately threatens the existence of the orphanage as they struggle to obtain medications, food, and water. Because the panic over COVID19 has sparked blanket regulations instead of targeted solutions, people are suffering. People are dying.

The burgeoning human rights violations are not limited, of course, to Liberia. In the United States, in an already injust prison system, asymptomatic, non-contacted prisoners are being denied the right to read, access libraries, or self-educate, further repressing their rehabilitation. COVID19 has also been used as an excuse to further limit and deport “undesirable” immigrants: Trump, metaphorically, now has his wall. In several states political protestors are being arrested and fined with the excuse of COVID19, even when all protestors involved are asymptomatic, gatherings are small or socially distanced, and there is no evidence of COVID contact, vulnerability, or age of risk. To deny the first amendment right to assemble, protest, and speak on political issues is a fundamental violation of our shared humanity. The actions of state governments like North Carolina and New York overreach the clinical guidelines of the CDC, which were to quarantine symptomatic individuals and individuals at risk. For the Trump administration and United States Democrats to use public fear to increase their power, violate Habeas Corpus, and control political opposition is corrupt, wicked, and, ultimately, foolish.

In healthcare, blanket solutions always harm the outlying minority and can often harm an outlying majority. Even in hypertension treatment, we do not give the same medication to the entire hypertensive population, but target appropriate care by patient factors–Black patients, for example, experience more dangerous side effects on ACEs or ARBs than other populations, so a conscientious physician will alter his medication recommendations accordingly to a CCB or hydrochlorothiazide. According to the modern biopsychosocial model of clinical practice, all paternalism of trying to control, instead of listening to, the patient, is discouraged: otherwise, if we are arresting people over infectious disease, we should arrest known HIV+ sufferers who willingly engage in intercourse without a condom and chemical prophylaxis. Those patients have physically, intentionally performed an activity that threatens someone else’s life–yet, because they have advocates in places of power, to even suggest that level of control is absurd. Patient autonomy, targeted care: why do we so egregiously fail to apply these known principles of medical ethics to COVID19?

The economic fall-out from the truly evil actions of world governments is going to be, and already starting to be, severe. The upper middle class and wealthy liberals won’t feel it, Trump won’t feel it, but the poor are already starting to suffer. And yet, instead of targeting aid towards those who work with their hands, domestic workers, factory workers, physical laborers, the US government is showering the same amount of money on all Americans, bequeathing wealthy physicians, CEOs, and venture capitalists with money the poor actually need. As in the days when the kings would throw parades, tossing out gold and food to placate the peasants, these inept and foolish displays of grandeur occur at the expense of the people. Make no mistake, the major party political strategists know that whoever can best control the narrative of the panic will win the 2020 election, and that is all they care about. With these deficit increases, the United States has traded its status as a world power for warm fuzzies of comfortable isolation.

When the dominoes have all fallen, welcome Japan as your new world leader. Welcome nations that implemented targeted solutions, instead of population-level control like Liberia and the United States. The level of human suffering caused by the panic over COVID19 will be far more severe than the level of suffering caused by the virus itself. Multiple population studies have demonstrated its fatality is almost exclusively limited to those over 50 and the immunocompromised, with only an 18 percent death rate among even the most severely hospitalized, on average. We needed quarantines targeted towards the vulnerable, not blanket shut-down. If you are not in a COVID19 hotspot, please encourage your local government to re-open commerce for the working class as soon as possible. Encourage your local media to educate the population on who should be at most risk, and who should stay home, following the easily google-able CDC CLINICAL guidelines for physicians instead of the current politicized “everyone stay home” public campaign. If necessary, protest the arrest of political dissenters and the new excuse to further mistreat prisoners. If you are forcibly isolated, implement self-sustainability strategies like aquaponics, foraging, food gardening, home business solutions, self-defense, and home energy systems like solar. Don’t let your government’s opportunistic application of panic harm you, or the downtrodden who need you.

Write your congressman here: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

Write your senator here: https://www.senate.gov/senators/index.htm

Write your governor here: https://www.usa.gov/state-governor

Best of luck to you–you may need it.

More information about the global suffering can be found here.


May 5th, Silencing Free Speech:

One of many instances where governments are using COVID19 to silence whatever side they don’t like: drive-in religious gathering was stopped by the police. Didn’t matter that there was no way these guys could infect each other from inside their cars–COVID19 is the real-life equivalent of Chancellor Palpatine grabbing wartime powers for himself in StarWars. Political protests have also been stopped, with arrests even with appropriate social distancing and gatherings of less than 10 people, in multiple states like North Carolina and New York. Political gatherings for the upcoming election have also been silenced in various cities, usually silencing the opposite belief system from city government (so in a liberal city, libertarian/Republican gatherings silenced, and vice versa).

May 6th, Destroying Women’s Health to line Big Pharma Pockets:

WE’RE BACK TO BACK-ALLEY ABORTIONS, LADIES–but now Big Pharma gets money for your DIY suffering. Big Pharma wants to eliminate the safety checks essential for protecting a patient from abortion complications (particularly unsupervised hemorrhage and death). In the spirit of Machiavelli, the abortion industry is seizing the COVID-19 crisis to reach for do-it-yourself abortion. Read to the end to see if you are at risk for complications… (The below was copied from an AAPLOG physican bulletin)

The Gynuity website states:

“The COVID-19 epidemic has triggered an acute need to minimize the time that patients spend in medical facilities and to reduce physical contact between patients and providers. In response to this need, Gynuity recently led the collaborative development of a sample protocol for providing medication abortion without any routine facility-based tests either before or after treatment.”

The irresponsibility and frank medical malpractice of Gynuity’s protocol is breathtaking:

1. Despite the obvious medical common sense and FDA label requirement to rule out ectopic pregnancy, there is no provision for ultrasound documentation of intrauterine pregnancy prior to taking Mifeprex, much less documentation of gestational age. Under this protocol, women with an ectopic pregnancy will take Mifeprex and be told that pain, bleeding and cramping are a “normal” part of the Mifeprex abortion process. Then these women will bleed to death from ruptured ectopic pregnancy as has already happened. In fact, none of the following contraindications are adequately addressed.

Who should not take Mifeprex?

Some women should not take Mifeprex. A woman should not take Mifeprex if it has been more than 70 days since the first day of her last menstrual period, or if she:

has an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside of the uterus)
has problems with the adrenal glands (the glands near the kidneys)
is currently being treated with long-term corticosteroid therapy (medications)
has had an allergic reaction to Mifepristone, Misoprostol or similar drugs
has bleeding problems or is taking anticoagulant (blood thinning) drug products
has inherited porphyria
has an intrauterine device (IUD) in place (it must be removed before taking Mifeprex)
This information applies equally to the approved generic version of Mifeprex.

2. There is no responsible medical person to administer Rhogam to Rh negative women, despite ACOG guidelines which clearly state that Rhogam should be administered to women with terminations. According to ACOG, one of the most common reasons for Rh isoimmunization is failure to administer Rhogam.

A recent retrospective study from New Zealand identified reasons for continued cases of sensitization, including omission of immune globulin after a recognized sensitizing event in 41% of cases and administration outside of recommended guidelines in 13% of cases.

Termination of pregnancy is a recognized sensitizing event (see Box 1 in the ACOG PB) and ACOG recommendations clearly state:

Rh D immune globulin should be given to Rh D-negative women who have pregnancy termination, either medical or surgical.
Yet, ACOG has been completely silent or supportive of the “self-managed” (do-it-yourself) abortion industry initiative. This is another glaring example of how ACOG ignores even its own recommendations and has abandoned advocacy for real women’s health in its blind advocacy for the abortion industry.

3. There is no one to manage the common complications of hemorrhage, incomplete abortion and need for surgical completion. In one of the very few studies on adverse events after medical abortion that is not directly sponsored by the abortion industry, a recent study using the medical records of 42,000 women who underwent induced abortion in Finland reported the following complication rates:

The overall incidence of adverse events was fourfold higher in the medical compared with surgical abortion cohort (20.0% compared with 5.6%, P<.001). Hemorrhage (15.6% compared with 2.1%, P<.001) and incomplete abortion (6.7% compared with 1.6%, P<.001) were more common after medical abortion. The rate of surgical (re)evacuation was 5.9% after medical abortion and 1.8% after surgical abortion (P<.001). Although rare, injuries requiring operative treatment or operative complications occurred more often with surgical termination of pregnancy (0.6% compared with 0.03%, P<.001).

With the Gynuity do-it-yourself protocol, these one out of 20 women will just be dumped on the ER, as is already happening with online abortion drug availability and the women told to lie about the termination, as they are already being instructed to do for online self-managed abortion. Even the abortion industry recognizes that the ER plays a critical role in mopping up the complications. A recent Vice article argues that ER doctors need to be more knowledgeable about self-managed abortions. Pro-abortion ER Doctor Dara Kass admitted this abuse of the ER and also stated, “Recently published results of the Gynuity pilot project showed that eight percent of their patients who received abortion medication sought follow-up care at a local urgent care clinic or emergency department. Using the 339,640 (and growing) annual number we estimate that 27,000 women could report to an emergency department after a “self-managed” abortion every single year.”

And things will be even worse because the Gynuity protocol recommends use up to 77 days (11 weeks). But there is no way to assure that a woman at a later gestational age will not use the drugs since no ultrasounds or tests are done. Note that after 10 weeks of pregnancy, the Finnish database publication reported that one out of every three women require surgical completion. The abstract also states:

When compared with first trimester medical TOP, second trimester medical TOP increased the risk of surgical evacuation [Adj. odds ratio (OR) 7.8; 95% confidence interval (CI) 6.8-8.9], especially immediately after fetal expulsion (Adj. OR 15.2; 95% CI 12.8-18.0). The risk of infection was also elevated (Adj. OR 2.1; 95% CI 1.5-2.9).

More about the Gynuity protocol HERE: https://aaplog.wildapricot.org/EmailTrack…/LinkTracker.ashx….

Make no mistake: women will essentially have NO ONE to turn to for complications. Abusers and pimps will have no medical interference from pesky medical personnel who are required to report statutory rape in minors. Unfortunately, such enabling has become commonplace in the abortion industry. I have personally treated patients after complications of abortion, and treated sexual assault patients for abortion evaluation. I don’t disagree that sometimes there are medical indications for these medications.

But don’t let huge ANY Big Pharma special interest groups tell you to do your own coat-hanger back-alley abortion, EVER!

May 8th: Worsening Conditions For the Poor While the Rich Complain About Going Back To Work–Jen Gets Angry and Talks Philosophical Ramifications of Power

PEOPLE ARE STARVING. People can’t access life-saving medications for tropical diseases. Meanwhile, you’ve got all these cute millennials on Youtube: “oooh we are doing the right thing and self-quarantining, we’re not trying to open the economy”–fuck you, you make money sitting in a chair.

It’s exactly, EXACTLY like I said at the beginning. This is a disease that kills off rich old people first. Meanwhile, the people hardest hit by the overreaching panic are the poor, because you can’t just throw someone a couple fish when you’ve broken the fishing rod. And you can’t throw them enough fish to feed them for a lifetime because you’re in serious debt to China, and money isn’t a magical life force you dream up with your ass by wanting it to exist–it’s still, at some point, an imagined credit system based on trading in power, and you don’t have power anymore.

Aaaand like I said at the beginning, the panic is far worse than the virus. Death rates continue to be primarily restricted to the ill and the old, with an extremely high survival rate even among the sickest of the sick (some ICU studies, death rate was below 20 percent). Don’t believe Fox and CNN, because hospitals ARE NOT CROWDED in areas that aren’t hot spots: here in Texas shifts are SLOWER than normal, places are EMPTY because no one’s allowed to come in without an emergency. Yeah, it’s a serious disease–so let’s be smart like Japan, wear masks, and keep the sick and the old at home. Did you know pneumonia was already one of the leading causes of death worldwide (#3)? This is basically a kind of pneumonia. It’s not curable yet, but damn if it isn’t treatable.

…(Treatable, unlike several tropical diseases ignored by your medical research money machine because they only kill the undesirable poor who are having those babies Thomas Malthus taught you to hate with his outdated, racist population control model)…

The ultimate suffering world-wide from the panic, with the resulting economic fall-out over the next several years, is going to be far worse than the suffering from the virus. The rich won’t feel it. Your favorite Youtuber telling you we should all stay at home won’t feel it–he wants this, you watch more Youtube and increase his revenue if you stay at home.

More news from my friend in Liberia this week. In the US and abroad, more prison care, hunger, and human rights organizations report abuse and suffering. The birds-eye view is a Machiavellian power play: in a world where nuclear missiles and dying nationalist spirit have made war a more difficult smokescreen for power-grabs, a deadly pandemic is THE PERFECT government excuse to control people through fear–to stop immigration, to isolate prisoners, to arrest political dissidents. Every politician on any side in any country right now is doing everything she can to make herself a hero, her enemy a monster, and COVID19 a scary reason for you to give her more power.

I fucking hate being right. So I’ll keep going so I can be wrong.

Look, power is traded on mitigated risk and the groveling human drive for security; it’s how our credit system works, how elections work, how ideologies and religions work. It’s the reason people hated Yeshua: because when “perfect love casts out fear” suddenly there is no control. Yeshua was a deadly threat to all forms of government and religion, not because he talked of peace like Ghandhi on the railroad tracks, but because for a brief 3 years he put uncomfortable, weird love above all else. And while, like MLK, he called for freedom from the control of others, he also called for freedom from the control of self: this was not the kind of modern “love” that boils down to you sticking your dick wherever you please, but rather love dictated by a power above human understanding–weird, freaky, stuff, stuff that made people think of otherworldly possession. They called him demon-possessed for a reason, and many modern televangelists would probably do the same. He wasn’t controlled by human instincts, human religion, or human scarcities, because he lost the ability to fear them. Mark describes it with the word faith, over and over, and John uses the world love, but at the edge of both of those you find courage.

I have neither the patience nor the love to talk about that kind of courage: I’m tired, I’m in pain without access to many of the things that usually help, and like many young people of my economic standing, I am afraid of going back to work in a system rigged for psychological abuse. I understand your wealthy millennial struggles because by golly I’ve got them too. I understand that modern employers have no concern for the people under them, only for the bottom line or “the mission.” And I get that everyone is afraid of dying, because hell, dying is a weird thing to think about. Dude, I live in a constant state of terror, and have to take medications for nightmares, because horrible things can happen suddenly. Your little brother can drop dead for no reason. You might suddenly have to spend the night in pain for no reason. Cars can veer out of control near you for no reason and you have to pull a guy out of fire, and ride home with his blood streaming down your arms. A little baby can be born dead front of you for no reason while his mother sobs in pain; you might have to wrap him up to hide his swollen alien head, where pieces of skull are floating all separated under his grey skin.

And that’s just the fears of a wealthy millennial in a relatively safe neighborhood, saying nothing of the fact that people torture, murder and rape each other all the time for absolutely no reason. I get it! I understand fear because it is my abusive bedfellow; I understand the politician’s desire to control the world around them, and the irony that to do so they employ the fear that controls them. I want to control the world myself; it’s the longing in the heart of every human being to ride the throne of the universe. Diseases, natural disasters, and other terrors drive us to warp modern science into a unified attempt at control instead of healing, because we think we are something we are not–and ultimately, we are all scraping together bricks for the Tower of Babel.

But we CAN’T control the universe, and quest for Babel is built on the back of slavery and oppression. I’ve said it a hundred times if I’ve said it once: your rights must end where someone else’s begin because the drug that works for you may not work for someone else, and even with the best of modern science you, little doctor, can’t know you are right! You have to understand, it wasn’t the religious doctrine of the day that silenced Galileo, because nowhere in Scripture does it say he was wrong–it was the modern science of the day, clinging to known “truths” from Aristotle, truths that became ingrained in the ideological fabric of societal norm. Science becomes religion, and religion science, as our truths are challenged by the truth of a Universe we cannot control. Ultimately, “the fear of Hashem is the beginning of wisdom” because if we can achieve that we stop seeing ourselves, our earth, as the center of the solar system, and stop being afraid of losing control because we see it never belonged to us in the first place. We stop controlling others, start opening our eyes to evidence-based systems, and start working together for intelligent solutions when we know our LI, as Confucius put it, when we know who we are: and you are not God, George Weah, you are not God, Donald Trump, you are not God, little idiots on Youtube–you are not God, Jen.

It’s a quiet chaos of chirping cockatiel, tinkling water, teeming fish, and the ocean-like rush of cars in the distance as micro-organisms fight and die across my skin, and maybe one day I’ll stop trying to be Genesis 1 God and become the Psalm 2 goddess I was meant to be.

~ Jen Finelli, MD


25 May, 2020:

Zimbabweans have now run out of food because of an extension of the COVID lockdown. Stop supporting lockdowns globally that are so restrictive people can’t work and eat–and start studying the Japanese and Korean models!
From World Help:
“Zimbabweans have run out of food.
‘As I speak right now, we are a little over two weeks into our 21-day lockdown, and I can tell you right now most people are on their last meal.’
In Zimbabwe, lockdown doesn’t just mean isolation. It means starvation.
When we last spoke to our Zimbabwean partner, the country was almost done with its lockdown. Then, it was extended again … meaning several more weeks without an income and without food for thousands of families.
Your gift today will help rescue a family struggling to survive during this pandemic. You will help provide aid like food, masks, hygiene kits, and more. And because of a matching gift, every dollar you give will DOUBLE to help 2X as many people.
While you and I can probably afford to go to the grocery store and buy enough food to last us at least a couple of weeks, people in Zimbabwe can’t.
“People do not have much savings in Zimbabwe,” our partner said. “The culture of savings does not exist because we live on nominal income — an average of $1 to $1.50 a day. So, people cannot afford to buy enough food to last them 30 days.”
That’s where you come in. You can help provide essentials like emergency food, hygiene kits, clean water, medicine, and more for people suffering during the coronavirus. You’ll also help World Help erase the budget shortfall caused by fundraising events being canceled due to the coronavirus. That means you’ll play a vital role in making sure that people in Zimbabwe and beyond continue to receive the help they need during this time of global pandemic.”
World Help Board members have committed to match gifts up to $235,000. Every $8 will DOUBLE to provide lifesaving help for TWO people. You can give at https://worldhelp.net/gift/coronavirus-emergency-fund