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This huge firm designed a village where peeps with dementia can roam free. #superheroalert #alz

Real quick #superheroalert for you peeps. This village lets you wander without getting lost, because it’s actually a locked center with only one exit. As creepy and scifi as that sounds, it seems like a pretty good idea!

Critics are concerned about…

Critics are concerned about safety, in an environment like this, where old folks with dementia (who often have concurrent depression) have access to knives and other sharp objects. So maaabye I wouldn’t jump to the “WE SHOULD ALL BE LIKE HOLLAND WOOO” conclusion without reading a little more about the safeguards and admitting procedures, but it still seems really do-able. It’s probably cheaper than staffing DisneyLand, after all.

I also wouldn’t jump to the Facebook-popular conclusion that we need govt funding to make this happen (it’s actually a firm, not a govt agency, doing this). In fact, I think the “we need the govt to do it” idea runs completely counter to the superhero mentality. The superhero mentality says “I don’t wait for the police to save people, I don’t wait for the govt to save people, I am going to save these people.”

So how can we make this happen? What firms do we know, what large retirement communities do we know, that we could talk to about revolutionizing freedom and quality of life for elderly folks? Maybe you can show this video to just the right person, or maybe YOU’RE just the right person to start a company to make this happen.

Let me know, and let’s think of smart ways we can help.

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