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Women’s Rights Without Frontiers: Saving Chinese Women From Forced Abortion and Slavery #superheroalert #fem2

SUPERHEROALERT: Women’s Rights without Frontiers saves women and children from forced abortion in China caused by the policy that limits the number of babies women are allowed to have. As you know, girls are disproportionately abandoned or aborted because of this policy–but you may not know that some women are forcibly held down and tied to a medical table as physicians rip their fetuses out of them against their will. The policy targets poor women, who cannot afford the government fees to buy the right to have a child; it also targets women in “undesirable” minority populations like Tibetan and Uyghur people groups. WRWF fights this by helping the impoverished pay the fees, or finding legal support and advocacy for threatened women. You can help them by funding them, spreading the word, signing their petition, writing to ambassadors to free Chen Guangcheng, or going to China yourself. They live at https://www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org/

Superheroes assemble!

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