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あなたはスーパーヒーローとしてどのように見えますか? #コミック #スーパーヒーロー映画

ジェンです, あなたの SF とスーパーヒーロー sis, ここで実際のスーパーヒーローになることについて話しましょう. 映画では常にある種の均一なモンタージュがあることを知っています, ヒーローがコスチュームを作成する場所など?

衣装に対する執着が何であるかはわかりません. シンボルは重要だと思います. バットマンは怖い必要があることを理解しています, スパイダーマンとスーパーマンには、人々に自信を与えるためにアメリカの色が必要です, それはすべて順調です. そして明らかに衣装は人々にとって重要です, ワンダーウーマンが下着を交換したとき、彼らはヒッシーなフィット感を持っていたので.

しかし、実生活では, あなたは自問する必要があります: 私が身に着けているものは、私の使命を達成するためにどのような目的に役立ちますか?

ご存知のとおり, like American Soldiers don’t go out into battle with colorful red, 白い, and blue because thatwouldn’t really help the mission.

And female Soldiers don’t go out there in bikinis because…上手, that wouldn’t help the mission.

Drawing attention to yourself, and focusing on yourself, hurts your mission. It’s got to be about helping the people you want to help, not about you, and your great and wonderful hero image.

Not saying symbols are useless. When I did street medicine in Puerto Rico, our white t-shirts with the Medicina Social bandaid symbol kept us from getting shot. There were drug dealers who avoided committing their murders around uswho waited until we were gonebecause we were there to help and so they didn’t want to involve or hurt us.

But we didn’t put on capes and shyte, 大丈夫です. There’s a self-importance you want to avoid. And a pandering, あまりにも–it wouldn’t really have been sensitive or wise to go out to help prostitutes while dressing ourselves in bikinis like we were trying to compete with their corner.

Costume montages in fiction serve as a representation of the internal change of the character. 知るか–you might need a cape someday for something, and they look cool as heckbut let’s focus on the REAL DEAL first: what’s inside.

What do you need inside to find your superhero purpose?

Let’s talk about that in your superhero course.

ジェン・フィネリ, MD
Your SF Superhero Sis

PS: If you’ve already seen the video and worked through the related exercises, go ahead and draw a picture of your internal selfwith that cool costume and everything. Not what you would wear to a real superhero mission, but how you decorate your soul. Post on Instagram and tag me @becominghero, with a sentence about one problem or type of person you want to learn to help! I’ll shout you out!